On Business Women’s Day, Global Talent 2020 want to shine the spotlight on women in industry by highlighting a wonderful candidate who approached us after her sector felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A female trailblazer

Rosie has been one of a few successful female trailblazers in the aviation industry, working as a Senior Pilot within global commercial airline brands. To illustrate this achievement, Rosie is one of only 5% of all females that make up all commercial Pilots in the aviation industry. This is a percentage that is getting better slowly over time, but perhaps not moving as quickly as it should. The sector is still working on providing a world that associates the word ‘Pilot’ as a gender-neutral concept, rather than male or female.

Where it all began

Rosie’s love affair with flying came about when she was 12 years old, growing up in the Southend on Sea area. She received the opportunity through a childhood friend’s father, allowing her a brief orientation flight in small prop aeroplane for a treat on a lovely school summer holiday day. From this day forward, Rosie became smitten with aviation.

Over the years that followed, Rosie followed her dream of flying. This was channelled through her academic prowess at school, university that followed, and then by taking jobs to be near her passion as she studied. Following this academic focus, Rosie then took the plunge to obtain her Pilots licences and clearances. This was after years of dedication, driven by a passion to achieve her goal and never losing sight of her objective.

At the time she was learning and developing as a Commercial Airline Pilot, Rosie unfortunately came up against prejudices in her industry. This was not only because of her abilities, but due to her gender at times. Whilst often, these were not open prejudices, it was tangible at times, and all Rosie truly wanted was an equal, consistent, playing field to achieve her aims. More importantly, she wanted this to be the case for all future women that could follow.

Inspiring women in business

However, Rosie persevered, and achieved her end goal and became a Pilot. From this, Rosie grew through her merits, hard work, determination, and rose up through the ranks in two of the world’s leading Airline brands. Her career survived the big recession in the earlier part of the noughties and lead her to be able to champion other issues. Rosie was able to use her job platform, along with the support of her later employers, to lead the International Women’s Day Flight, and LGBT/Pride Flights. She continues to raise awareness for women in business and minority groups, that again wish to be recognised for whom, not what they are.

The goal was to be ‘human’ first, not to be pigeonholed by gender or categorised in any other way.

Women in business, post Covid

Following the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry, like hospitality, tourism, retail, and other key sectors have been hit hard by its impacts. This means that all of Rosie’s achievements and drive will need to find a new channel for her. As like many people in her specific sector, she will be made redundant at the end of October this year.

At Global Talent 2020, we wanted to highlight Rosie’s story to date as a positive journey on Business Women’s Day.

Rosie stuck to her beliefs, values and her dreams, making it to where she wanted to be. When she reached her role height, she then used this position to help others and pay it forward. She didn’t allow anyone to deter (nor undermine) her journey to where she wanted to be in life, or in her career. Along the way, it has also enabled Rosie to help and highlight the plights of others, alongside gender obstacles.

Rosie would now love to apply her transferable skills and passion to a business or third sector organisation. She is eager to part of a team that look to forward women in business, or youth development in the LGBT community.

If anyone would like to learn more about Rosemary for their organisation, please get in touch with us Global Talent 2020 … let’s talk.