Dressing for success – Best outfits for job interviews

best outfits for job interviews

Despite the goings on of the world around us, the age-old question that pops into anyone’s head still remains: “What do I wear for the Interview?” Here, we address the best outfits for job interviews. First impressions count! At Global Talent 2020, this is something I (and my colleagues) have been asked on countless occasions.…

How to dress for an interview

how to dress for an interview

Being dressed correctly for that pending interview date is part of the preparation process for it. In past blogs, we have covered other areas of mental preparation and diligence in researching for that next role discussion. However, being dressed appropriately for the process ahead is intrinsic to helping project the correct aura about yourself to…

Preparing for interviews

Preparing for Interviews - Global Talent 2020

Interview outcomes can depend on many factors, some beyond your control, and others where you can clearly effect and manage with thought, planning, and self-confidence. In the following articles over our website, we will explore and suggest ways to improve how you can influence, control and project yourself better in future interviews, hopefully, to achieve…