Our Head of Operations, Matthew Reeves, discusses his role, and the daily life, challenges, and expectations of a Recruitment Consultant …

Becoming a Recruitment Consultant

I have been fortunate to be in the recruitment industry for many years, and I can say it is the most variable career I have ever had. The reason I say this is because no two people are the same. Each person I meet, whether they are a potential candidate for an opportunity, or an existing or prospective client, are all unique.

A lot of people start a recruitment earlier, or younger in life, I came to it later in my career. I feel this has been a benefit, not a hindrance. Having experience of other commercial businesses has been a useful tool when dealing with people at all levels and in all situations.

a day in the life

Do Recruiters work long hours?

It is not typically a Monday to Friday job. Whilst my core hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm, during the normal week, they can start (or end) later and involve working at weekends as business dictates. Therefore, to be in recruitment, you need to flexible with your time, adaptive to changing situations, and resilient.

What does a Recruiter do on a daily basis?

My day leading a company involves many ‘hats’ of responsibility. Sometimes wearing more than one at any given time!

A ‘typical’ day tends to be structured around supporting, mentoring, and developing my colleagues in the business. This is combined with business development, with a focus around new clientele, currently across four key markets. I also ensure we are servicing existing client’s needs, oversee resourcing, and interview candidates. Administration duties are a necessity and I am responsible for supervising:

  • GDPR/Privacy compliance
  • General HR matters
  • IT
  • Marketing and brand evolvement with our partners
  • Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Client site visits
  • Strategic planning
  • Futureproofing

Finally, I’ll take some lunch and walk at some time during the day.

Currently I work in Edinburgh as a base, where we will be establishing offices when the current pandemic has really ebbed away. However, the nature of my role allows me to work where I need to ‘hot desk ‘or work remotely (as required), again dependent on how the business dictates.

recruiter job
Stopping for a breather en-route to a meeting

How to become a Recruitment Consultant

It is a job you need to be motivated for on a daily basis. You need to be positive, be able to think on your feet, well organised, an effective time manager and possess an outgoing personality. It’s vitally important to be commercially minded, empathetic and understanding of the needs of others. Our Recruitment Consultants are also great multi-taskers, are patient, and thick skinned at times. I was fortunate that when I started out in recruitment, I joined a very reputable business, and had an excellent mentor.

If it is a career path you wish to follow, then I advise you really research the recruitment company well. You should also research the Line Manager you will be working with before taking the plunge. The industry (as a whole) has a high turnover rate. It is getting better, but it is not a career for everyone, as it can be tough.

If you’re determined, it is a very rewarding career on many levels. I am passionate about it because I like helping people, seeing them (or their business) evolve and supporting them to achieve their next level of aspirations.

I can assure you though, that no two days are the same …

We are always looking to engage with like-minded individuals and businesses, supporting others to execute their recruitment needs. If you’d like to start your journey or learn more about us, get in touch here.