At Global Talent 2020, after the recent advent of the Brexit deal between the UK and the European Union, we realise there will be a raft of numerous changes and demands with which Human Resourcing policies will change and evolve. Many of these within strict timelines for implementation for businesses.

Our HR specialist support services provides a depth of innate knowledge, empathy, and first-hand experiences of the diverse, and growing HR policies, procedures and caveats required, when dealing with both Employers and Employees currently, and after Brexit implications.

With our combined and dedicated expertise in this market, we can advise our clients with an innate understanding of HR services that need to be effectively in place, up to date, and to support your business with its HR responsibilities and legalities, moving forward.

Our in-house dedicated specialist consultants have experience of working with worldwide brands, organisations, and leading blue-chip companies, in delivery of their HR coverage of services needed to support business operations.

At Global Talent 2020 our tailored, bespoke services match the changing demands of our client’s businesses HR services. This extends to also ethical ramifications, diversity in the workplace, and legal requirements.

Ensuring we deliver a quality outcome for our clients in this important area of evolving your business for the benefit of all your employees and culture.

Examples of some of the areas we can support your business with:

  • Employing EU workers and Non-EU workers post Brexit –changes/audit/policies/procedures.
  • HR Health Check – Complaints & Grievances, Whistleblowing, Health and Safety, Equality & Diversity, Bullying and Harassment and Modern Slavery Statement (if applicable).
  • HR Risk Assessments – legally required.
  • Recruitment – Onboarding, Contract, Processes, Staff Retention reviews and Training Policies.
  • Organisational Development -e.g., Appraisal reviews.
  • Gender Pay Gap – analysis.
  • Terminations and Redundancies.
  • HR Audits.
  • GDPR compliance.

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