At Global Talent 2020, our team has a depth of innate knowledge, empathy, and first-hand experiences of the diverse, and growing FMCG sectors.

With our combined and dedicated expertise in the growth sectors of this market, we can support our clients and candidates with an innate understanding of the FMCG industry and the requirements of the roles undertaken therein, by our clientele.

We have a varied client portfolio within the FMCG areas of the marketplace. Our in-house dedicated specialist consultant team has experience of working with worldwide brands, organisations, and leading blue-chip companies. 

At Global Talent 2020, we have experience of recruitment of roles across all of the fast-moving consumer goods markets that cover dealing with packaged foods, beverages, over the counter cleaning and toiletries products, plastic goods, as well as electronic goods for example.

The diversity of roles we have covered range through procurement, analytical, project management, salespersons, sales managers, stock control, logistical, and supply chain.

At Global Talent 2020 our tailored, bespoke service matches the demands and expediency of the FMCG marketplace, ensuring we deliver a quality outcome for our clients and candidates in this fast-moving consumer lead industry.

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