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“ShoeDog – Am I on the right track?” PART TWO

Let’s go back to the start. The point of these books is to extract the learning and apply. So, let’s try that. At some points I need to aim big. There’s only so many people and companies in one place so why not contact some big fish? What’s the worst that can happen?
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“ShoeDog – Am I on the right track?” PART ONE

‘Shoedog’ has an undeniably solid source. The founder of one of the biggest brands in the world and has been going strong for 50 years – Nike. Phil Knight is not only an incredibly successful businessman worth around 10 billion dollars but is an inept storyteller and produces a fascinating
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First Month in Recruitment – Is it Really the Dark Side?

I was sitting in the Starbucks on Princess Street in Edinburgh on the top floor. There were only a few people in, it was early. There was the usual mix. A man quietly typing away in the corner getting a head start on his emails. A younger woman caught that perfect picture of her Starbucks cup set against the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle out the window. It was a nice view I had to admit.  I was wearing my lucky…

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Dressing for success

Despite the goings on of the world around us, the age-old question that pops into anyone’s head still remains: “What do I wear for the Interview?” Here, we address the best outfits for job interviews. First impressions count! At Global Talent 2020, this is something I (and my colleagues) have been asked on countless occasions. We, collectively, have had to ask our client base on occasion, to clarify, to ensure our candidates turn out in the manner the client expects…

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