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With over 45 years’ experience and a passion for helping others reach their career goals, Global Talent 2020 Recruitment Agency is an innovative business solutions consultancy. We believe in the power of the personal touch. Helping clients and candidates across the globe, with quality job opportunities, whilst building long-lasting relationships that matter. Recruitment Solutions that we specialise in covering are the Hospitality, and IT job markets. Within that we can provide permanent and fixed term contracts solutions.

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At Global Talent 2020, we pride ourselves on truly working in tandem with our clients. We wish to become a trusted partner, delivering support to your business to find the best outcome for your organisation’s career opportunities.
We are an innovative recruitment consultancy and business solutions provider.

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Matthew is the eptimany of a professional and respected recruiter and his knowledge and experience within the hospitality/catering market is clear for all to see. I would highly recommend Matthew for any roles you are looking to recruit for.

Ben was a true professional, easy to work with, his communication skills are excellent keeping me informed every step of the way. He made the choice to change jobs an easy decision.

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Viva La Resolution! Facts about New Year’s resolutions and how to keep them

So, the Christmas Tree has dropped its last few pines on the pavement outside the house, awaiting its recycling collection. The remnants of the least favorite chocolates, rumble disconsolately around the sweetie tin, and the decorations are parcelled taped up and posted back into the loft for another year. Forlornly we all have started back to work after the lazy food and drink-infused lay-ins and…

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Your Career Isn’t Always a Beautiful Game

When I started my career, as I’m sure many people do, I imagined a straightforward path in front of me. A clear step-by-step road, to becoming successful, whilst I continued climbing the rungs of the ladder. The process seemed simple. Work hard, and get promoted. Eat, sleep and repeat. What has transpired instead of a ladder, is more of a game of the proverbial snakes…

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Gravy, sweat, and tears – a different Christmas story

The C-word. (Not that one, reader!) You can’t escape it. Every year it creeps in, chews you up, and spits you back out. This will be my 1st Christmas in 11 years of not working in hospitality. The 3-course dinners, the next day 7 am finishes, the Christmas roadshows in July, the vomit clear-up in the toilets, the repetitious Mariah Carey sing-along every night at…

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