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My 6 Months internship with Global Talent 2020

Hi everyone! My internship at Global Talent 2020 recruitment consultancy has sadly now come to a close, and what a 6-months it has been. Embarking on this placement was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. I anticipated that I would learn a lot, but little did I know how invaluable this experience would be and the highs and lows I would face along the way. I have been exposed to every aspect of the recruitment process and have been taught how to…

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On the Fringe of Madness

It’s hard to describe the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to someone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand. The question is usually met with a long intake of breath, a sigh, a puzzled look of contemplation ending with the phrase: “It’s… just… madness”. From someone who has lived in Edinburgh for many years, I’ve got a soft spot for the festival that swings around every August. Although it’s like a shockwave, a tornado, that hurtles in overnight. One minute everything is normal, then…

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Aye, Robot? Why AI won’t replace real human relationships.

It’s half past four on a Tuesday afternoon. The cursor on my screen blinks in the middle of a blank page. “I can’t think of a good blog topic”. “Why not get AI to write one for you?” My colleague laughs. I could. This could all be a façade. A scam. How would you know? It’s not, by the way, and I am actually typing this. The pros are far more rewarding. It will of course take me longer than…

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Office Politics: Are You Voting For Me or Campaigning Against?

Well, the Office working may have changed since the events of the pandemic, with WFH and hybrid Office permutations in effect, but Office politics still has not gone away. In the blog article below, we will see that just because there are more permutations to how people work nowadays, the same levels of Office politics, and maneuvering, (skullduggery in some quarters), have not gone away with the ability to work in more flexible patterns. If anything, potentially, there is more…

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Ghosting People Professionally: How to Lose Friends and Alienate Co-workers

“Ghosting” is a term that has gained popular widespread use in recent years to describe the act of suddenly cutting off all communication with someone, usually without explanation. While it may be tempting to ghost someone you no longer wish to communicate with, it is never a good idea to ghost people professionally. Ghosting in the workplace can have serious consequences, including damaging your reputation, harming your relationships with co-workers and clients alike, and potentially costing you future business opportunities….

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