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GUEST BLOG – Mental Health/ Well-being in the modern world/workplace? What does it really mean?

Mindfulness, well-being, mental health, emotional welfare… words that we constantly hear being thrown around, but what does it all mean? And how is it more than just being happy? It can feel overwhelming to hear so much about how to keep our minds healthy, without a true understanding of how to exert this into our everyday lives. While most of us know the importance of looking after our mental health, it can be easy to neglect when other (seemingly more…

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Raise a glass to sobriety – cheers to a hangover-free year.

This week marks one year for me without alcohol. When I say this to people or mention I’ve stopped drinking, the most common question I get asked with a shocked face is… “How much did you use to drink…?” As if I was sleeping in the gutter and drinking out of brown paper bags at bus stops. On a serious note, therein lies the big problem for me. There is still an air of taboo, and hesitation surrounding the subject….

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Discrimination in Recruitment: Unfortunately, it IS still Black and White.

When I, and my business partner set up Global Talent 2020, we wanted to have a company that supported all levels of candidates and clients within the industry specialism of the Hospitality and Leisure markets. We also wanted a culture of openness, honesty, fun, and expression. We never wanted oppression, corporateness, or facelessness, as a business. We wanted Global Talent 2020 to have a “voice” and an “inclusiveness” in the recruitment industry. We, and the team feel we have this,…

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My 6 Months internship with Global Talent 2020

Hi everyone! My internship at Global Talent 2020 recruitment consultancy has sadly now come to a close, and what a 6-months it has been. Embarking on this placement was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. I anticipated that I would learn a lot, but little did I know how invaluable this experience would be and the highs and lows I would face along the way. I have been exposed to every aspect of the recruitment process and have been taught how to…

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On the Fringe of Madness

It’s hard to describe the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to someone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand. The question is usually met with a long intake of breath, a sigh, a puzzled look of contemplation ending with the phrase: “It’s… just… madness”. From someone who has lived in Edinburgh for many years, I’ve got a soft spot for the festival that swings around every August. Although it’s like a shockwave, a tornado, that hurtles in overnight. One minute everything is normal, then…

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