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Authenticity – What is the real deal?

About a month ago I saw this phrase on LinkedIn and it stuck with me. “Authenticity cuts through the noise” I’m from a generation that has grown up with social media, and it was all so easy once upon a time. You came home from school, logged onto MSN messenger, and spend four hours choosing a song lyric to add alongside your name whilst picking one of ten emojis that existed at the time. Over the last twenty years, it…

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“ShoeDog – Am I on the right track?” PART TWO

Let’s go back to the start. The point of these books is to extract the learning and apply. So, let’s try that. At some points I need to aim big. There’s only so many people and companies in one place so why not contact some big fish? What’s the worst that can happen?
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“ShoeDog – Am I on the right track?” PART ONE

‘Shoedog’ has an undeniably solid source. The founder of one of the biggest brands in the world and has been going strong for 50 years – Nike. Phil Knight is not only an incredibly successful businessman worth around 10 billion dollars but is an inept storyteller and produces a fascinating
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First Month in Recruitment – Is it Really the Dark Side?

I was sitting in the Starbucks on Princess Street in Edinburgh on the top floor. There were only a few people in, it was early. There was the usual mix. A man quietly typing away in the corner getting a head start on his emails. A younger woman caught that perfect picture of her Starbucks cup set against the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle out the window. It was a nice view I had to admit.  I was wearing my lucky…

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