Recruitment: true or false?

Starting my 6-month internship at Global Talent 2020 has been an eye-opening experience for me in more ways than one. Prior to this, I had never worked in the recruitment industry and only had a vague notion of what it entailed, primarily informed by stereotypes and hearsay. Like most people, I had certain preconceived notions about what recruitment was going to be like. So, when I hit the one-month mark in the recruitment business, I decided to take a step back and reflect on my experiences so far. Is everything you hear true or false?

First and foremost, I always thought that recruitment would just be all about finding people jobs. I thought I’d be playing matchmaker between companies and job seekers, and that my sole focus would only be on filling vacancies. However, I soon found this to be false as there’s so much more to it than that. Recruitment is not just about finding people’s jobs. It’s about building relationships, understanding client’s needs, and helping candidates find the right fit. During my first month with the team, I have seen first-hand the consultative approach they take to recruitment. Our clients rely on us to understand their unique needs and help them find the perfect candidate for their open positions. We are here to guide them through the recruitment process, from initial discussions to onboarding. And I have been trained to do this by listening intently, asking challenging questions, and offering tailored advice. This is not just about “sales” work; it’s about establishing trust and delivering quality results.

Another stereotype that I encountered was that recruiters are pushy and aggressive: False. I’ve found that the successful recruiters, that I have witnessed, are those who are approachable, empathetic, and good listeners. These traits not only help recruiters establish trust with their clients but also enable them to build lasting relationships. I have been pleasantly surprised by the satisfaction that comes from helping somebody move further along in their career path. It’s not as simple as matching skills; it’s about getting to know each individual (their goals, motivations, and passions) and helping them find a role that will empower them to achieve their objectives.

Furthermore, most people harbor the typical image of pushy and aggressive behaviors of recruiters who are only interested in making a quick buck. This myth that recruiters are all about the commission couldn’t be further from the truth, again in the environment that Global Talent 2020 foster. Whilst closing recruitment solutions for all parties is important, it’s not the only thing that drives the team at Global Talent 2020. They are also motivated by the satisfaction that comes from helping someone land a job that they will love. They are genuinely passionate about helping others find their dream jobs, and they are not limited by targets or commissions. Contrary to what I expected, I wasn’t pressured into making sales immediately. Instead, there was more emphasis on the importance of building relationships and trust with clients and candidates during my training so far.  

Lastly, one of the biggest misconceptions about recruitment is that it’s an easy job; False again. Recruitment requires perseverance, tenacity, patience, and a great deal of hard work. It involves sometimes unsociable hours, countless phone calls, and emails, and navigating through a multitude of challenges that working with people can present. It’s a multi-faceted process that requires excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to build genuine relationships. Through my training, I have witnessed how rewarding a career it can be, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from placing a candidate in their dream job. 

My in-depth training from both Matthew Reeves, Head of Operations and co-founder, and Ben Jones, Senior Consultant, has successfully debunked all of my preconceptions surrounding the recruitment business. They have both broken down the recruitment process into minute detail for me to gain a full understanding of how to perform to a high level and be successful in the role. I have learned that the best way to communicate with people is to simply pick up the phone and that the art of listening is the biggest tool in a recruiter’s arsenal. Already, I have gained more confidence in myself and grown slightly thicker skin- another important quality a recruiter needs.

Overall, my first month in recruitment has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. It’s been challenging, exciting, and sometimes frustrating, but on the whole, it has been a rewarding experience. The myths and stereotypes surrounding the industry might make it seem intimidating, but since working alongside the team at Global Talent 2020, I’ve realized that most of these preconceived ideas of recruitment are mainly a fallacy. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives and helping them achieve their career goals. Working in the recruitment industry has taught me not only about business but also about people. I have learned how to listen, how to ask better questions, and how to build long-lasting relationships. The environment at Global Talent 2020 is supportive, collaborative, and empowering. There is no sense of competition amongst teammates; instead, we all work together to achieve shared goals. 

As I move forward into my second month, I’m excited to continue learning, growing, and helping both clients and candidates achieve their goals. 

Written by Jodi Millar

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